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There?s a reason why people think PINKBERRY when they think of frozen yogurt. Pick out of several delicious flavors, add some toppings, and enjoy cold desserts from the PINKBERRY on 32nd st in Koreatown.

How Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt Shops Have Solved the Cup vs. Cone Debate March 9, 2017

Koreatown, Manhattan
How Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt Shops Have Solved the Cup vs. Cone Debate, Manhattan, New York

Cup or cone? It’s an age-old debate in the froyo world. Luckily, your local Pinkberry frozen yogurt shop is offering a tasty solution: waffle cone wafers!

Cup? Cone? Why Not Both!frozen yogurt shop

Cups and cones each have their benefits. For example, cups provide ample room for toppings and are much less mess-prone. Cones, on the other hand, add a bit of crunch to an otherwise creamy dessert. In the past, many froyo enthusiasts struggled to choose one over the other. But now, thanks to your favorite frozen yogurt shop, you don’t have to. Pinkberry offers a round waffle cone wafer that sits perfectly atop your cup of frozen yogurt, allowing you to enjoy both dessert vessels at once.

Sample This Innovation at Your Local Pinkberry!

Sound too good to be true? Visit your nearest frozen yogurt shop today to try a waffle cone wafer for yourself! To preview the rest of their fresh toppings, visit their website.