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Why Mold Remediation Is Important March 22, 2017

Northwest Omaha, Omaha
Why Mold Remediation Is Important, Omaha, Nebraska

If you spot any mold in your home or office, it’s important to get in touch with a professional mold remediation team as quickly as possible. With help from an experienced mold removal specialist, you can identify the problem and get an action plan in place so you can be comfortable on your own property once again. At A-1 Mold Testing & Remediation Services, with locations in Lincoln and Omaha, NE, they work hard to ensure your mold problems are dealt with thoroughly. Here, they explain what mold remediation is and why you need it.

Mold remediation is the same thing as mold removal—the terms are interchangeable. Mold consists of tiny spores that are constantly present in the air, so it’s technically impossible to completely get rid of all of it. A mold removal specialist uses special tools and methods to clean away the vast majority of the mold in a home or office restoring it back to a Normal Fungal Ecology. 

Mold Remediation Lincoln NEBecause mold thrives in moist environments, mold specialists help to identify what the moisture source was that led to the mold growth, so you don’t have to deal with a mold problem again in the future. The professionals will supply you with tips to ensure you know what you can to do to protect your property.

Mold remediation is important because mold can cause significant health problems, especially for people who are allergic to it or have compromised immune systems. Minor symptoms include chronic fatigue and eye irritation, but in some cases, people can experience bleeding in the lungs and nose. At an office, this makes employees miserable and unproductive. In a home, it makes the residents uncomfortable, resulting in sleep and mood issues.

To avoid these problems, get in touch with the mold remediation experts at A-1 Mold Testing & Remediation Services in Omaha and Lincoln, NE. Contact them online to learn more about scheduling service, or call (402) 474-6653 for the Lincoln location or (402) 964-2080 for Omaha.

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