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A Medical Center Explains How Standing at Work Can Improve Your Health March 23, 2017

Morrisania, Bronx
A Medical Center Explains How Standing at Work Can Improve Your Health, Bronx, New York

You’ve probably already heard or read countless news stories talking about how unhealthy desk jobs are. However, do you know why you should be standing up more often? According to CCN General Medicine at the Boston Road Medical Center, located in the Bronx, NY, it primarily has to do with the sedentary lifestyle most people lead, which increases the number of health issues they experience.

When you stand up more at work, you decrease your likelihood of developing numerous health problems. Here are just a few serious health conditions this medical center states can be averted when you spend more time standing:

  • Obesity: Standing longer each day helps to burn more calories. Most researchers suggest workers will not just be standing, but probably pacing and walking, as well. This helps fight obesity and encourages the person to become more active outside the office, too. As obesity is a risk factor for many other health-related problems, staying healthy lowers your risk of developing other conditions.
  • medical centerHigh Blood Sugar: The higher your blood level spikes after you eat a meal, the worse it is for your health. One study found when office workers stood for at least three hours following a meal, their blood sugar spiked 43% less than those who sat for the same amount of time. As high blood sugar is associated with developing Type II diabetes, standing could help lower that risk.
  • Heart Disease: Cardiologists have known for a long time a sedentary lifestyle is a risk factor for developing heart disease, and according to research published in Diabetologia in 2012, high levels of sedentary behavior are associated with a 147% risk increase of developing cardiovascular disease and a 90% increase in the risk of cardiovascular mortality. Standing more frequently at work adds to needed weekly physical activity and encourages more intense workouts after hours.

It is not too late to lower your risk for the serious health conditions linked to sitting for long periods of time. Start by standing more at your place of work, and contact CCN General Medicine at the Boston Road Medical Center at (718) 569-7929 to discuss other ways you can get active. For more information about this health center and their services, visit their website.