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How Arc Welding Machines Work March 16, 2017

Waynesboro, Waynesboro
How Arc Welding Machines Work, Waynesboro, Virginia

The arc welder has been a mainstay in the welding process for years. While only one of several welding processes, arc welding is incredibly effective at joining metal joints. How do arc welding machines work, though? Wayne Oxygen & Welding Supply has been supplying clients around Waynesboro, VA, with welding solutions for years, and they’re familiar with how these machines function.

weldingAn arc welder generates the heat it needs to melt metal by using an electric arc. This arc is generated between the metal surface and an electrode on the machine itself. The electrode comes in two types. The first type of electrode is a rod that creates a current from the tip. The second type is a rod or wire that not only produces a current but also supplies filler at the metal joint. This filler metal creates the junction between the metal parts.

The arc itself circulates between two electrodes and an ionized gas column. The cathodes on the welder are both positively and negatively charged, which causes a reaction between ions traveling through the gas column. As these ions react to one another and accelerate, this creates the heat necessary to melt metal. When a welder moves the electrode along the joint, the metal not only heats up but experiences a chemical reaction with elements in the air. This reaction helps to weaken the strength of the joint and allows the metal to break down.

How an arc welder machine works is a complicated process, but buying one isn’t. Whether you’re looking for a welder, welding mask, or other equipment, Wayne Oxygen & Welding Supply will help. Their ample supply of equipment can meet any need you might have, and their knowledgeable staff will help if you have any questions. If you need to speak with them, call (540) 942-4145, or visit them online for more information.

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