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Why It’s Important to Have a Wheel Alignment Following a Tire Change March 16, 2017

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Why It’s Important to Have a Wheel Alignment Following a Tire Change, Osceola, Wisconsin

A tire change is one of those things in life that is needed every so often. Whether your tread is worn or you ran over a nail, you'll need to replace a tire eventually. But did you know it’s important to have a wheel alignment afterward? Jones Automotive has been working on vehicles in the Dresser, Wisconsin, community for nearly 10 years, and wants you to know why your wheel alignment is so critical.

It’s essential to remember a tire change can either be a long-term investment or a short-term money sink. If you don’t invest in your wheel alignment, it’s more likely to be a short-term fix. Your car’s steering and suspension takes a lot of wear and tear at certain vulnerable points. Over time, these parts of your vehicle get repeatedly beaten, which causes them to break down. This creates an ongoing deterioration of your car’s alignment that impacts handling, the ability to take corners, and shortens a tire’s life.

wheel alignmentIf your tires take extra wear due to heavy towing or rough roads, it will shorten their lifespan, but it will also impact your gas mileage. A properly performing tire influences how your car functions as a whole and has an effect on your engine. You’ll find that properly aligned tires help increase your vehicle’s mileage per gallon, or “range.” This will have the secondary benefit of saving you money over the long term.

A wheel alignment will save you money in multiple ways, so don’t hesitate to take proper care of your car. Regardless of what services you need, Jones Automotive can help. Not only can they replace your tires, align your wheels, and get you back on the road, but they can service any problem big or small. Whether it’s issues with your brakes or your transmission, their highly-trained professionals can assist. Just call (888) 571-8829 to book an appointment today, or visit them online for more information.

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