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5 Criminal Defense Pleas if You’re Facing Charges March 16, 2017

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5 Criminal Defense Pleas if You’re Facing Charges, Dothan, Alabama

If you’re facing serious charges, it’s important to understand that there are many criminal defense pleas you can choose from. Depending on your case, it may be the key to achieving a positive outcome.

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For battery, assault, and more extreme charges, a self-defense claim is viable if you were protecting yourself from personal injury. You do have to admit that you used harmful or deadly force, but if you can prove that you were not the aggressor and that self-defense was necessary, it can be an effective legal tactic.

Insanity Plea

It’s a common misconception that an insanity plea is a quick fix to get out of a crime. In many cases, insanity pleas only lessen the punishment and can be extremely hard to prove. Insanity is a vague term understood differently among courts and psychiatrists. If a crime was committed due to mental incapacitation or illness, an insanity plea could explain that it was done without total control.

Claiming an Alibi

criminal defenseFor defendants who aren’t caught in the act, a powerful alibi can disprove guilt. During the timeframe that the crime was committed, witnesses, bank transactions, and other evidence may prove that the defendant was not at the scene of the crime, and therefore, could not have committed it. Your alibi needs to be foolproof, so contact a criminal defense lawyer at Buntin, Etheredge, & Fowler, LLC to receive legal aid.


Slightly similar to an insanity charge, an intoxication defense leverages that the defendant was not of sound mind when the crime was committed. Voluntary intoxication via drugs and alcohol will not likely relieve you from guilt, but in some cases, such as larceny or mild assault, it can prove impaired judgment and lead to a lesser sentence.


Popularized in movies and TV, entrapment is when law personnel coax someone into committing a crime that otherwise wouldn’t have been committed. In this case, the defendant claims to be a victim, though entrapment can be difficult to prove. However, if you believe you were pushed into committing a crime, a powerful entrapment case may get you off the hook.

If you’re facing criminal charges, contact a criminal defense lawyer at Buntin, Etheredge, & Fowler, LLC. They work with clients on a personal level and will go through each detail of your case to build a sound defense. Call them today at (334) 793-3377 to schedule a consultation, and visit their website and Facebook page to learn more about their services.