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Do Auto Body Repair Shops Offer Lifetime Warranties? March 16, 2017

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Do Auto Body Repair Shops Offer Lifetime Warranties?, Polson, Montana

After a car accident, getting the auto body repair your vehicle needs is of the utmost importance if you wish to continue driving safely. But how can you be sure that your car will keep performing properly after collision repair? As the team at OHS’ Body Shop in Kalispell, MT, explains, a lifetime warranty can give you peace of mind.

While many car owners know that auto body repair shops offer lifetime warranties, they don’t always understand what these warranties imply. First, it’s important to understand that warranties typically cover both paint performance and metal bodywork. These warranties protect you against any damage that might happen to your vehicle as a result of part defects or poor workmanship. 

Auto Body RepairFor example, if your vehicle paint begins to peel or crack as the result of defective paint, your warranty will cover the cost of repainting your vehicle. However, this doesn’t mean that the auto body repair team is responsible for all paint damage. For example, the OHS’ lifetime warranty doesn’t protect against rust or other common wear that results from your driving habits. 

Warranty coverage that applies to auto body repairs is where you are offered even greater levels of protection. If a mechanic performs a bad weld that later breaks and damages your repaired vehicle panel, the auto body repair shop is obligated to repair the damage free of charge. While this warranty coverage doesn’t typically apply to normal wear and tear or damage caused by another accident, you can rest easy knowing your repairs are covered as long as you own your vehicle.

With superior work that is backed by a lifetime warranty, you can entrust your auto body repair to OHS’ Body Shop. To learn more about the services offered by this body shop or to request an estimate, visit them online or call (406) 752-8202.

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