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What to Do Before Your Painting Contractor Arrives March 15, 2017

Ellicott City, Howard
What to Do Before Your Painting Contractor Arrives, Ellicott City, Maryland

Whether you want to remodel your bathroom or spruce up your living room, painting can provide the personal touch that makes a house finally feel like home. According to the remodeling experts at Kipp’s Contracting in Marriottsville, MD, there are a few steps you can take to ensure the project goes as smoothly as possible.

Tackle these three preparatory tips before your painting contractors arrive.

Move Furniture

If the remodeling experts are only painting a couple of rooms in your house, move the furniture out of those areas beforehand. This is particularly helpful for small rooms where it would be difficult to work around large objects. If there are cumbersome pieces you can’t move, place plastic sheets over them to block paint splatter.

Relocate Valuables

paintingMany homeowners keep important heirlooms and other valuable objects on display around their house. In some cases, these objects are sentimental and impossible to replace. To prevent heartbreak, move these items out of rooms that are about to be painted and tucked away in a safe place.

Clean Up

While remodeling experts leave each home looking more beautiful than they found it, it’s important to remember painting is a messy job. In addition to splatters, holes must be filled and sanding equipment will sprinkle a fine layer of dust. By cleaning and dusting your rooms before the painters arrive, you can guarantee a smoother and higher-quality finish that won’t contain small flecks of dust or dirt.

Painting is an extensive process, and while the thought of going DIY might seem fun, you’ll be much better off leaving it to remodeling experts. Aside from painting, Kipp’s Contracting will handle your bathroom or kitchen remodel, carpentry project, or complete home renovation. With a dedication to customer service, you can always expect your requests to be answered within 24 hours. Find out more about remodeling your home by calling (410) 442-5477, or check out some of their beautiful renovations on the website

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