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3 Carpet Cleaning Secrets From Seguin's Professional Team March 15, 2017

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3 Carpet Cleaning Secrets From Seguin's Professional Team, Southeast Guadalupe, Texas

Hiring a professional to clean your carpets is a good idea, even if you regularly vacuum your floors. That’s because skilled experts know the ins and outs of those tricky fibers, which have a pesky habit of trapping minuscule particles and creating a mess over time. Is it any wonder they know some truly surprising secrets about carpet cleaning?

If you’re thinking about hiring carpet cleaners to deep clean your flooring, keep these helpful points in mind:

  • Not All Stains Are Removable: Have you ever spilled something and said to yourself that it’s no big deal because you can always hire a carpet cleaner to take care of it? It turns out this isn’t always true. If a stain alters the color of your carpet, it’s tricky to remove it. The key is to attack those stains quickly to have a fighting chance.
  • Seguin, TX carpet cleaningNot Everything Goes Smoothly: Hiring a carpet cleaning professional is a smart decision until something throws a wrench in your plans. If you have a change of plans or can’t be home, call to reschedule as soon as possible. Similarly, if you have to leave mid-appointment, your cleaner can’t finish the job. Do your part to ensure an excellent experience from start to finish (and leave some space for the cleaner to park).
  • Not All Home Remedies Work: Some people make the mistake of smearing or scrubbing stains instead of blotting them, which is the best way to prevent them from spreading. It’s also best to avoid over-the-counter products. Club soda is an exception—it may be effective on dark stains, such as those caused by wine.

It’s best not to wait too long after a spill. Commercial and residential cleaning companies can do an outstanding job ridding your carpets of even the most stubborn stains, but you can help the process by scheduling a carpet cleaning appointment as soon as possible.

Carpet Cleaning By Cummins, based in Seguin, TX, is the area’s leading carpet cleaning company. The family-oriented team prides itself on its top-notch customer service and also offers rug cleaning, pressure washing, and pet stain removal. They can even clean your tiles and grout! Visit the website, or call (830) 379-3383 to schedule an appointment. 

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