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4 Tips for Enjoying a Peaceful Family Vacation March 8, 2017

Onalaska, La Crosse County
4 Tips for Enjoying a Peaceful Family Vacation, Onalaska, Wisconsin

Lifelong memories are made on family vacations, but sometimes little issues, such as forgetting to pack an important item or bickering between siblings, prevent everyone from having a relaxing time. If your goal this year is a peaceful vacation, there are a few things you can do to make your trip go smoothly.

How You Can Have a Relaxing, Memorable Family Vacation

1. Make Sure Everyone Is Prepared

Few things are more frustrating than reaching your destination and realizing your children have forgotten their underwear or you are missing crucial paperwork. Before you head out, give everyone a checklist of the essentials and go over it with them so they have everything they need. Don’t forget to make yourself a list, as well.

2. Pack for Downtime

You can plan for an action-packed family vacation, but there will inevitably be some downtime. Be prepared for rainy days and other lulls in excitement by packing reading material, coloring books, a deck of cards, and electronic devices.

3. Prepare to Compromise

Families are usually full of a mixture of personalities. These different personalities make each of your family members who they are, but they can also cause conflict during a family vacation. Keep conflicts to a minimum by compromising on things like activities and meal choices. Allow a different family member to choose one activity each day or flip a coin to decide between various options.

4. Book a Hotel That Suits Your Needs

You don’t need to book a hotel that has a lot of fancy amenities, but you should have one that suits the specific needs of your vacation. If you are planning to stay for a week or more, find a hotel that specializes in extended stays. If you will be in your hotel room for at least an hour each day, make sure it has a television and Wi-Fi available. These little details can make all the difference in your family’s happiness during your stay.


If you are planning to visit Onalaska, WI, or the surrounding areas, book a room at Onalaska Inn. The hotel specializes in extended stays and features a deluxe swimming pool and complimentary breakfast. To begin planning your family vacation, call (608) 783-2270 and book your stay.

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