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Choosing Between Well Pump Repair vs. Replacement March 17, 2017

Flathead Reservation, Lake
Choosing Between Well Pump Repair vs. Replacement, Flathead Reservation, Montana

If you’re experiencing problems with your home’s well, Ace Drilling in Polson, Montana, recommends having your well pump maintained once a year. However, sometimes things go wrong outside that window, and it’s time to call in an expert. Whenever you’re having a well pump repair performed, the question always arises whether you continue to fix it or have it replaced with a new pump.

The professionals at Ace Drilling offer these guidelines for knowing when to say when:

How Can You Tell When Your Well Needs a Professional?

There are several signs your well or pump need to be looked after. One of the earliest signs is reduced water pressure. If you’re accustomed to having the water flow freely from your spigots and suddenly it’s a trickle, this could be a sign of the well pump not performing as it should. Also, if you see dirt in your water or if it’s the color of the ground outside your home, this is another symptom of a well pump failing to do its job. 

Well Pump Repair

If this is the first time your pump has failed to perform for you, repairing it could be your first choice. 

One of the most common problems seen with a well pump is the pressure switch, the device that tells the pump to kick on when water pressure is too low. You could also be having problems with the controller, which is responsible for starting the pump. Two other main issues could be causing problems. These are the tank’s bladder and the pump running continuously.

well pump repairWell Pump Replacement

There are also outside factors only a professional can diagnose. If it’s been an unusually dry year, precipitation-wise, your water table could be low. This is when you’ll see muddy or murky water coming from your taps. If this is your problem, you’ll need to decide if this is a temporary problem or if your well needs to be dug more deeply. Allowing this to continue could destroy your pump.

However, if your water looks, smells, and tastes fine, it’s just running slowly or not at all, the problem could be a pump too small for its usage. Both the pump and water tank should be large enough to manage the water usage in your home. If not, you’re going to burn up water pumps regularly because it’s working too hard to keep up with demand.

Diagnosing and repairing problems with your water supply and well pump are varied and challenging. When you’re having problems with your well, whether it needs a well pump repair or a new well dug, calling the owners of the family-owned and –operated Ace Drilling, Dave and Jay Bick, at (406) 883-3300 is your best first step. You can also follow them on Google+ and visit their website for a full listing of their services.

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