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3 Steps to Help Seniors Manage Their Prescriptions March 14, 2017

Westwood, Cincinnati
3 Steps to Help Seniors Manage Their Prescriptions, Cincinnati, Ohio

As you get older, it becomes harder to remember a long list of daily responsibilities, including taking your medications. Many people worry their aging parents will forget to take the prescriptions they need to stay healthy. What’s worse, it’s not uncommon for seniors to mix up their medications, potentially threatening their health. 

With this in mind, Hart Pharmacy of Cincinnati, OH, offers some useful tips for helping seniors manage their prescriptions.

Use a Weekly Pill Box

prescriptionThis tool is a simple way to organize a number of pills in one convenient location. With separate compartments for every day of the week, pillboxes make it easy to sort out the medications you need so you are more likely to take the appropriate dose at the optimal time.

Consult With the Pharmacist

Hart Pharmacy prioritizes one-on-one service, so prescription mistakes remain few and far between. Their team takes time to get to know every individual, the medications they are taking, their particular needs, allergies, and any other information that will guarantee they get the proper medication. Pills can change color, size, and shape over time, which may be confusing for some seniors. With their personalized service, Hart Pharmacy makes sure you know what’s changed before heading home.

Consider a Free Home Delivery 

This family-owned pharmacy prides itself on making your medications available without requiring a trip to the store. Talk to the pharmacy about free home delivery services for a senior in your life, so they receive the prescriptions they need without having to refill them or pick them up. With this accommodating gesture, Hart Pharmacy keeps track of each patient’s prescriptions so they don’t have to.

By implementing these simple strategies, you can rest assured the seniors in your life will continue to take the medications they need to stay healthy. Whether you need to fill a prescription or get it delivered to your doorstep, Hart Pharmacy makes it easy for everyone to get their prescriptions on time. Call them at (513) 471-1605 to refill a prescription, or visit the website for more pharmacy information.