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5 Common Problems You Need a Plumber to Fix March 14, 2017

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5 Common Problems You Need a Plumber to Fix, North Whitfield, Georgia

\When it comes to unclogging a toilet or maybe fixing a leaky faucet, most people choose to handle the quick fix themselves. But how do you know when there’s a bigger problem that needs to be addressed by a professional plumber? Here are five times you should put down the plunger and pick up the phone instead.

5 Reasons to Call a Plumber

1. Dripping Faucet

When you hear that constant dripping sound, you know you need plumbing repairs, but what’s causing the leak? Faucets drip when the washer, which typically blocks the water flow, shifts out of place or breaks. A plumber has the necessary tools and parts to replace it.

2. Changes in Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be caused by a problem with the pipes, a buildup of mineral deposits in the shower head, or even a break in the main water line. If you can determine it’s not a problem with the shower head, you’ll need a plumber to inspect the pipes.

3. Faulty Water Heater

plumberIf you’re having trouble getting hot water, this is a job for a professional. If a valve needs to be replaced or there’s a leak, a plumber will know where to get the right replacement parts.

4. Leaky Pipes

Fixing a leaky pipe can go awry quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing. And if the pipes are old and rusty, it may make more sense to have them replaced. More complicated still, if the pipe is inside the wall, the plumber will have to make a hole in the wall to complete the repairs.

5. Septic Tank Leak

If there’s a leak in your septic tank, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. They’re trained in properly handling situations involving waste and sewage.


When you have an emergency plumbing problem or a leak that looks like it could be something more, don’t hesitate to call a plumber. At A Drain Doctor Plumbing in Dalton, GA, the experienced team works round the clock to solve your toughest issues and emergencies. From drain cleaning to septic tank pumping, they’ve got it covered. Call them today at (706) 694-6466, or visit them online to learn more.

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