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3 Reasons to Complete a Hearing Aid Evaluation March 14, 2017

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3 Reasons to Complete a Hearing Aid Evaluation, Jamestown, New York

If you are suffering from hearing loss, don’t lose hope. Over 48 million Americans have some degree of hearing impairment. Fortunately, hearing aids have helped many of these people improve their quality of life.

According to Valu Hearing Service, a leading provider of digital hearing aids in Jamestown, NY, if you suspect you are not hearing as well as you once did, you should undergo a complete evaluation to determine if hearing aids are right for you. Your audiologist can carry out an audiometric test to measure how much sound your brain is able to detect.

Here are the benefits you’ll get from completing a hearing aid evaluation:

  • You’ll Know the Condition of Your Ear: During the evaluation, your ear is going to be examined using an otoscope. This tool can determine if wax is causing any blockage, as well as inspect the condition of your eardrum and ear fluids. On top of physically checking your ear, the specialist will also have you undergo a pure tone hearing test and speech and word clarity testing. These will let you know the actual condition of your ear and your hearing.

  • You’ll Know if You Need Additional Medical Treatment: If you are suffering from some kind of hearing problem, the evaluation can determine if you need additional medical treatment or any procedure that will prevent further hearing loss.

  • hearing aidYou’ll Get to Test Hearing Aids: During the evaluation, you may also get the chance to try a hearing aid simulator. This will give you an idea of what it feels like to wear a pair of hearing aids and also help you determine the type you need.

If your hearing has deteriorated, get an evaluation. The test is quick, easy, and affordable. To schedule an appointment with Valu Hearing Service, call (716) 484-7777 or visit their website.

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