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3 Expert Tips for Caring for Your Down Pillows March 15, 2017

Mason, Warren
3 Expert Tips for Caring for Your Down Pillows, Mason, Ohio

No one knows better than the down bedding experts from DOWNLITE that purchasing a new set of down pillows can be quite an investment, which is why it’s important to care for them properly. DOWNLITE wants you to get the most out of your down pillows, so they’ve compiled a few helpful maintenance tips for you.

If you want your down pillows to last a lifetime, here are three essential tips to keep them fresh and fluffy for years to come:

  • Protect Them With Covers: One of the best ways to keep your down pillows in good shape year-round is to protect them with pillow covers. Purchasing a few zippered pillow covers will prevent your pillows from staining due to hair and body oils. It will also minimize allergens.
  • down pillowsWash/Dry Pillows Regularly: Many think that you can’t put down pillows in the washer and dryer; this simply isn’t true. Although feather pillows are more sensitive than other types of pillows, they can be machine washed using a mild liquid detergent. The professionals from DOWNLITE recommend running them through the rinse cycle an additional time to ensure the feathers remain soft and fluffy. Then, place them in the dryer on the air/tumble dry cycle only.
  • Daily Upkeep: Like most down bedding components, down pillows require daily upkeep to ensure they’re as comfortable as possible when you go to sleep at night. The professionals from DOWNLITE suggest fluffing your down pillows each morning and before you go to bed to keep them from becoming flattened.

If you want to get a great night’s sleep every night, investing in the down bedding from DOWNLITE is key, so contact them today at (866) 931-3696. For a closer look at their inventory, visit them online.