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How Our Home Security Systems Can Keep Your Family Safe March 8, 2017

Lavonia, Franklin
How Our Home Security Systems Can Keep Your Family Safe, Lavonia, Georgia

The safety of your home and family is a precious thing, and home security systems are an important first line of defense. TruVista knows this. We’re more than a cable company; we also help South Carolina and Georgia households gain peace of mind with some of the best home security on the market.

Home security systems protect you from robbers and other intruders by alerting you to disturbances on your property. They may also be able to contact outside assistance or emergency services on your behalf. All of this helps you gain the upper hand during a home invasion.

A security system can have a number of components, all of which play a different part in keeping your home safe. For instance, cameras are set up in various locations to capture everything that’s going on, whether they’re around the perimeter of your property, near your entrances, or even inside the home. Meanwhile, sensors pick up on movement and forced windows and doors, and an alarm system is triggered by any unexpected entrance into the home during the times it’s set to operate.

Home Security SystemsAdditionally, our TruControl systems allow you to monitor your home remotely. This makes them useful for more than just halting break-ins. If you spot a fire starting or a loved one facing a health emergency, you’ll be able to call for help immediately. You can also switch the system on and off from wherever you are, and even control your appliances and lighting to avoid a hefty electric bill. No matter where you go, you’ll have peace of mind.

Let TruVista help you keep the people and possessions that are important to you safe. Our website has more details on our home security systems. Reach out to us at (800) 768-1212 to discuss not only your security needs, but also cable internet and TV service. We are available on Facebook and Twitter.

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