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3 Reasons to Purchase Pillow Protectors for Your Pillows March 22, 2017

Mason, Warren
3 Reasons to Purchase Pillow Protectors for Your Pillows, Mason, Ohio

The next time you go shopping for bedding, don’t forget to include pillow protectors in your purchase. A pillow protector is a thin, zip-up case that provides a layer of protection between your pillow and pillowcase. Although they are not used as commonly as other forms of bedding, pillow protectors can keep your pillows fresh, clean, and comfortable for years to come.

down pillows1. Extend the Life of Your Pillows

When you purchase a great pillow, you want it to last you as long as possible. Unfortunately, using your pillow nightly with just a standard pillowcase can cause it to become yellow and stained. Although you can toss your pillows in the washing machine, drying them takes a long time and may cause their shape to deform. A pillow protector serves as a barrier between your pillowcase and the actual pillow, absorbing dirt and stains. Once the protector becomes dirty, you can easily wash it and use it again while also allowing your pillows to maintain their shape and freshness.

2. Protect Against Allergens & Dust Mites

Dust mites and other allergens can get trapped in your pillows, making it difficult to breathe. If you have an allergy to dust mites, the condition can become exacerbated, leading to rashes and frequent sickness. A pillow protector provides an additional line of defense between dust mites and your pillow and can keep allergens at bay.

3. Better Sleep

It should come as no surprise that your sleep quality can drastically improve by purchasing a pillow protector. These protectors keep your pillows free of dust, dirt, germs, and allergens, meaning an easier time breathing and an overall better bedtime experience. As an added bonus, by washing your pillows less often, they will retain their shape for longer, meaning more nights of comfortable sleep.


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