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Fix A Phone Tells You How to Protect Your Cell Phone From Water Damage March 17, 2017

Washington, Montgomery
Fix A Phone Tells You How to Protect Your Cell Phone From Water Damage, Washington, Ohio

Cell phones have become a critical part of our lives. One of the worst things your cell phone can face is water damage, but knowing how to protect your device is important for saving your information. Dayton, OH’s FixAPhone Wireless gives a quick guide to protecting your phone.

Guide to Protecting Your Cell Phone Against Water Damage

Waterproof Cover

A good first line of defense against liquid damage is a waterproof cover or case. There are many on the market that provide a water-tight seal, keeping anything from penetrating the case and affecting your phone within.

Screen Protector

cell phonesBesides a strong, water-resistant case, make sure the screen of your phone is protected. Some cases provide a shield over the display screen, but others do not. Screen protectors stick directly onto your screen, creating a protective barrier.


By using a headset, you keep your cell phone inside your bag or pocket. This is especially effective if you must call someone during inclement weather. Headsets tend to be more water resistant than the device to which they are connected. You can’t use every function this way, but communication without getting your device drenched is still an option during the bad weather.

Zipped Case

Besides a protective case on the actual phone, place your cell phone in a case or bag that has a zipper. Using a bag that zips adds another layer of protection to your device, providing another barrier through which water must seep before your phone is affected.


When your phone has already been soaked, it’s not too late to protect it from further water damage. Place your phone in uncooked rice overnight. The rice will absorb the moisture and potentially save your phone. Don’t turn on your phone until it’s completely dried out.

When your cell phone has suffered damage, the team at Fix A Phone Wireless is ready to help. From cracked screens, water damage, and phone battery replacement to restoring and repairing any of your devices, you can trust the technicians to handle your issue with care and expertise. For your next cell phone or tablet repair, give them a call at (937) 771-6697, or visit them online to learn about their same-day repair service and request an estimate.

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