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A Real Estate Broker Explains How Home Values Are Trending March 20, 2017

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A Real Estate Broker Explains How Home Values Are Trending, Kalispell, Montana

Planning on selling a home or buying a house? Unfortunately, there’s currently a lot of turbulence in the real estate market. If you’re intending to make a property transaction this year, you’ll need a real estate broker now more than ever before.

To help you understand the current market better, here are some of the home value trends agents expect to see in 2017:

  • Stronger Buyer Demand: Last year, the real estate industry experienced price increases every month through October. This year, experts predict prices will continue to climb, but sales growth will slow down because buyer demand is stronger.
  • real estate brokerFaster-Selling Homes: The real estate market is also expecting to see homes sell faster this year. The National Association of Realtors predicts home sales may reach up to six million. It is also expected houses will not only sell faster, but also in larger quantities.
  • Increased Millennial Buyers: Approximately 75.4 million people in the U.S. are millennials, and they will make up 52% of first-time home buyers this year. This huge wave of millennials will drive the fierce competition for affordable starter homes.  
  • A Year for Sellers: Real estate experts say 2017 will be a year for the seller’s market. Sales may take a little longer, but demand will still continue to rise. However, the market will shift towards the buyers’ court by 2018 and 2019.


Those looking for an experienced real estate broker to help them navigate the 2017 market can count on America Call Owner in Kalispell, MT. Kent and Janeen Lembke are experts when it comes to reducing costs, speeding up sales, and simplifying the real estate process. Their listings are more likely to sell within 90 days than homes sold by other brokerages. Talk to a real estate broker by calling (406) 755-3726 or by visiting their website or Facebook page today.

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