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4 Signs You're Due for Septic Tank Pumping Services March 14, 2017

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4 Signs You're Due for Septic Tank Pumping Services, Jackson Center, Pennsylvania

Scheduling septic maintenance depends on three factors: the size of the tank, the volume of wastewater, and the volume of solid materials. However, since your septic tank is underground, it's hard to monitor how full it is. Many homeowners don't realize they need a septic tank pumping service until it's too late.

According to Patterson Septic Service, the most trusted name in septic maintenance in Jackson Center, PA, the following signs indicate your tank needs to be pumped:

  • Pooling Water: Once your tank reaches full capacity, the wastewater will start to overflow. You will most likely see standing water in the area around the drain field in your yard and smell an unmistakable foul odor.

  • septic tank pumping Jackson Center PASlow Drains: One of the first indoor signs that you need septic tank pumping is when your kitchen and bathroom drains don't clear as quickly as they used to. If the problem persists even after you unclog the drains, your tank is most likely full.

  • Unpleasant Odor: Your septic tank collects everything that goes through your drains, including water used for cleaning and bathing, food scraps, and human waste. If you smell this material in your home or yard, it is a clear sign your tank has begun to overflow.

  • Sewer Backup: This is the most serious indication that your septic tank needs to be pumped and one which you cannot ignore. When you experience a sewer backup, all your drains will stop, and you won’t be able to use them until your septic tank pumping is completed.

If you notice any of these signs in your home, schedule a septic tank pumping service immediately. The experts at Patterson Septic Service handle a wide range of septic maintenance jobs throughout Mercer County and nearby Crawford County. Call the company at (724) 662-3996 or visit their website to learn more.