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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Meat Shop March 13, 2017

Green Forest, Carroll
3 Tips for Choosing the Right Meat Shop, Green Forest, Arkansas

Choosing the best meat processing plant for your beef, pork, and other meat can mean the difference between success and failure for your business. With customers who are better informed about their food choices, it’s more important than ever to find a meat shop on which you can rely.

Harpo's Das Butcher House has been one of the most trusted meat shops in Green Forest, Arkansas, for more than 25 years. By forming partnerships with local farmers, ranchers, and businesses, they cut, process, and professionally package all their orders.

If you’re having trouble finding a meat processor, consider these tips.

meat shopInspect the Facilities

Any meat shop you’re considering should be a USDA-inspected facility. As such, it should be well-kept and clean, both inside and out. Any meat processed at the facility should abide by federal and state meat inspection laws.  They should have freezers capable of holding large quantities and capable of freezing meat quickly. Also, new methods of technology should be used. 

Check Their Reputation

Meat processors don’t survive long without a solid reputation in their communities. Ask the meat managers at your local grocery store about the facility, ask ranchers and farmers who they trust, and ask for references to past customers from the meat shop, too.  Das Butcher Haus has served thousands throughout northwest Arkansas and southwest Missouri, and they have a reputation for delivering quality services.

Examine Their Relationships

A good meat processing facility will make an effort to develop a relationship with their customers. Their services and expectations should be clear and up front, and they should be friendly and personable in all of their dealings with you. Harpo's Das Butcher House customizes their customers’ orders and doesn’t use any filler, preservatives or chemicals in any of its processing methods.

If you’re looking for a meat shop you can trust, call Harpo's Das Butcher House at (870) 438-6594, or visit their website to learn more.