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Top 3 Signs It’s Time for New Tires March 13, 2017

Hill, New Haven
Top 3 Signs It’s Time for New Tires, New Haven, Connecticut

Although a flat is a more obvious sign it’s time for new tires, the team at The Tire Doctor, located in New Haven, Connecticut, knows there are other subtle indicators you might need to replace them. Having nearly 10 years of experience with a broad range of reliable, affordable, high-quality auto repair services and tires sales affords them the confidence in advising others.

Not sure if it’s time for new tires? Below, The Tire Doctor staff shares three ways to tell.  

Telltale Signs You Need New Tires

New-Haven-Connecticut-tires Tread Is Worn

The tread on a tire is the grooved rubber that provides traction, so your car doesn’t slide on wet or slippery surfaces. Over time, tread becomes worn and less effective at doing its job. You can use a penny to check the tread. Place the coin head first into several of the rubber groves on each tire. You’ll know the tread is okay if part of Lincoln’s head is covered. If the head is completely exposed, it’s time for a new set of wheels.  

There Are Structural Changes

Extreme heat and frigid temperatures can negatively impact your tires. Contact with hot pavement and chemicals from snow and ice removal and protection can cause tires to crack and split. If you notice any of these structural changes, call a tire repair specialist immediately. They will replace damaged equipment, so your car remains safe on the road.

Tires Are Old

Although you might not think about it, tire age can affect quality. If your tires are more than six years old, it’s time to change them. You can consult the tire manufacturer’s website to know when your tires should be replaced.

If you need new tires, the team at The Tire Doctor is willing to help. Beyond tire repairs and sales, they also offer transmission repair, brake services, and useful information to help you know if it’s time to see a mechanic.

To schedule an auto service appointment in New Haven or the surrounding area, call (203) 787-1281 to speak with a friendly customer service representative. Visit The Tire Doctor online to discover the many ways they will keep your vehicle in top condition. You should also like them on Facebook for updated news and announcements.