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Do You Have to Buy Headstones From the Cemetery? March 13, 2017

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Do You Have to Buy Headstones From the Cemetery?, Bolivar, Missouri

After the passing of a loved one, there are many important questions to consider, including how you will memorialize them. Headstones and other grave markers come in many styles, but some families might be worried that they have to make their purchase through the cemetery itself. The team at Wommack Monument in Bolivar, MO, is here to clear up the confusion. They have experience helping families work through the memorial process and have been providing beautiful headstones to residents since 1954.

The reason you don’t need to buy headstones from the cemetery is that often, the cemetery only requires you to pay an installation fee—not that you purchase a headstone directly from them. While some cemeteries do sell headstones, they will still allow you to install stones from any monument producer. 

headstonesTypically, the cemetery will pour the foundation for the stone, and the company that makes the headstones will then install the marker. The rules and fees regarding your installation may vary, though—as such, it’s important that you fully understand your cemetery’s requirements and restrictions.

Many cemeteries are happy to recommend a headstone producer—they know which companies will produce headstones that are built to withstand varied weather conditions and potential hazards that could affect your monument. Even more importantly, they know which companies will take the time to install their headstones properly to ensure they remain upright and beautiful for years.

Regardless of where you buy your headstone, you don’t need to worry about maintenance and upkeep. As part of your foundation fee, the cemetery will continue to care for your monument and the surrounding area. 

For beautiful headstones, memorial stones, and other products that will allow you to memorialize your loved one, trust the craftsmen at Wommack Monument. To learn more about their lasting, quality offerings, visit them online or call (800) 743-8233.

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