Financial District, New York
43 Exchange Place
New York, NY 10005
(212) 227-4255

Share Story Chic, Luxurious & Relaxing! Black Label Salon 25 is a Complete Downtown Spa Experience December 4, 2013

Financial District, Manhattan
Share Story Chic, Luxurious & Relaxing! Black Label Salon 25 is a Complete Downtown Spa Experience, Manhattan, New York

New York City is the hub of glitz and glamor, but sometimes New Yorkers forget to take advantage of the luxuries all around them. If you head downtown to Exchange Place you’ll find a quaint salon and spa that goes above and beyond what it means to pamper yourself. What started as a small corner nail salon has now become Black Label Salon 25, a chic full-service spa.

The downtown salon and spa was beautifully designed by New York architect Shamir Shah, crafting the marble floors, bringing in modern decor and infusing the space with an abundance of natural lighting. When you step off of the bustling streets of Manhattan into the day spa, you’re transported to a world of relaxation and tranquility.

Black Label Salon 25 offers a complete selection of spa services, but is best known for the Homeostasis Pedicure. This hour-long treatment encompasses the lower legs and feetm starting with a warm soak in a foot bath of Chinese herbs. It’s like a facial for your feet! After a long day of walking the NYC streets, this type of pedicure is exactly what your feet need.

Come by the downtown spa for deluxe treatments like acupressure and acupuncture, massages including Shiatsu, Swedish, hot stone, and prenatal, and facials using the highest quality products.

Black Label Salon 25 is a complete spa experience right off the streets of downtown Manhattan. Take some time to pamper yourself at one of NYC’s most luxurious salons and spas.