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4 Signs You Need Computer Virus Removal March 10, 2017

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4 Signs You Need Computer Virus Removal, Greece, New York

If your computer has been running exceptionally slowly recently, there’s a chance you could have a virus. But how can you be absolutely sure you need computer virus removal services? Here, the technicians at BBS Tech in Rochester, NY, offer four common signs your electronic device has a virus. 

Bring your laptop or desktop in for computer virus removal if you experience any of the following:

  • Crashes: Once malware finds its way onto your computer, it will start infecting other programs. Usually, computer owners notice their device runs slower, then suddenly crashes. 
  • computer virus removalPop-Up Windows: Some computer viruses will infect your internet browser, triggering a series of pop-up windows to occur for unknown reasons. Anytime you see a pop-up window that is not related to your browsing activity, schedule an appointment with a computer virus removal service.
  • Odd Messages: Computer viruses also manifest as fake messages asking for your confirmation for a particular action. Rather than clicking on them, simply exit out of the browser to avoid receiving more malware.
  • Increased Network Activity: A sudden increase in internet activity is another indication you could need computer virus removal services. Malware can run on your system without you knowing it, thus slowing your internet connection and potentially harming other devices on your network.

With nearly 20 years of experience with computer virus removal, the team at BBS Tech will quickly and efficiently scan your device and determine whether or not you have malware. If they detect an issue, they’ll remove the virus and restore your computer to its original condition. To learn more about their services, call (585) 723-3360 or visit them online.