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What to Know About Well Completion March 10, 2017

Hobbs, Lea
What to Know About Well Completion , Hobbs, New Mexico

Once you’ve drilled a well, what happens next? Today, the professionals from Lucky Services in Hobbs, NM, will explain what you need to know about well completion.

After the well is drilled, the hole needs to be cased. Casing is a process that involves running a long, multi-part steel tube down into the well. The four parts include production, intermediate, surface, and conductor casing, which are all different diameters in order to promote the transport of water and protect the earth below. If you fail to do this, you risk the well closing in, rendering it useless.

Next, the well will need to be cemented. Cement slurry, which is a mixture of cement and various additives like water, will be pumped into the well in order to rid it of leftover fluids from drilling. This measure also seals up the area between the casing and the well’s side for added protection.

Well CompletionThe next step in well completion depends on what type of well you have. If you have an open-hole well, then it will remain open at the bottom and cased at the top. If you have a perforated well, then the casing will need to extend into the reservoir. This is a more extensive process that involves placing a perforation gun and special reservoir locating device into the well. Once the gun is aligned with the reservoir level, it will shoot into the well’s sides, which sends hydrocarbons into its stream.

Some well completion projects require installing a filtration system to keep sand, rocks, and other debris from entering the water flow. A slurry of sand or gravel will need to be pumped in between the casing’s slotted liner and the well bore’s sides. Finally, a wellhead will need to be installed at the well’s surface. This consists of tubing and casing that controls the upper levels of the well flow. Now, your well is ready for use!

To get started on your next well completion project, contact the professionals from Lucky Services today. Call a helpful professional from the oil field service today at (575) 392-1547. For more information, visit the company’s website

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