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If you're looking for a tasty treat in Jackson, Tennessee, you'll have to come down to Maggie Moos ice cream shop to try our famous ice cream cones, cakes, frozen yogurt and more!

3 Steps to Creating the Perfect Ice Cream Order March 2, 2017

Jackson, Madison
3 Steps to Creating the Perfect Ice Cream Order, Jackson, Tennessee

As any dessert lover will attest, ice cream tastes the best when you can customize it to your unique preferences. That’s why your local Maggie Moo’s puts your taste buds above all else. Not only do they offer a diverse menu but they also allow you to pick and choose all your toppings and flavors. Thus, to help you make the most of your options, here is the ice cream shop’s quick guide to crafting order.

How to Create the Perfect Ice Cream

  1. Foundations First

Before you can create a delicious treat, you have to start with the age old question: “cup or cone?” Cups give your plenty of room to pile on the toppings, but cones add a bit of crunch to your otherwise creamy dessert. Cones also come in both sugar and waffle varieties, each with their own unique texture and taste.

  1. Pick a Flavorice cream

Now that you’ve selected the foundation, you’ll need a base. If you’ve never been to Maggie Moo’s before, their scoopers recommend trying an innovative flavor you can’t get anywhere else such as banana rum or lemon custard. If you have been to the ice cream shop before, try swirling a classic flavor and a unique one together!

  1. Top It Off

You’re welcome to let your ice cream’s bold flavor stand for itself. Otherwise, it’s time to get creative. With over 65 toppings to choose from, both your imagination and your sweet tooth can run wild. Try to pick mix-ins you think will complement the unique flavor you’ve chosen.

Get Creating at Your Local Maggie Moo’s!

Feeling inspired? Visit your nearest Maggie Moo’s ice cream shop today to create the perfect frozen dessert! To preview their flavors and toppings beforehand, visit their website