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Ulcerative Colitis: Everything You Need to Know March 17, 2017

Owen Brown, Savage
Ulcerative Colitis: Everything You Need to Know, Savage, Maryland

Ulcerative colitis is one of the most common bowel disorders, and its mild symptoms often go unaddressed. Gastroenterologist Dr. Russell O. Schub in Columbia, MD, says it’s important to familiarize yourself with symptoms, as the condition can develop into colon cancer if untreated. The disease can occur at any age, and while there are no known medical causes, staying alert helps you catch it early.

ulcerative colitisUlcerative colitis is a form of inflammatory bowel disease related to immune system issues. Your immune system is naturally tuned to combat invasive bacteria in your body, but with ulcerative colitis, it mistakes food, positive bacteria, and colon cells as problematic. This can lead to damage to the intestinal wall, colon cancer, and other potentially serious digestive conditions. Fifty percent of people with ulcerative colitis only experience mild symptoms, but it’s imperative to see a gastroenterologist at Dr. Russell O. Schub if you experience bloody stool or diarrhea, abdominal or rectal pain, or unexpected weight loss.

Depending on your symptoms, your gastroenterologist may recommend several tests. A colonoscopy is one of the most effective, as doctors can inspect your colon and take any necessary samples. They may also require blood tests, stool samples, and, in more severe cases, X-rays. Early detection makes a huge difference in the treatment of ulcerative colitis, so don’t hesitate if you suspect something is wrong. A variety of medications are on the market to help decrease inflammation and control your immune system, though in more advanced cases, a doctor may advise removing your colon to cure the disease.

The safest way to ensure you’re healthy is to get checked examined. Dr. Russell O. Schub takes extra measures to provide high-quality care, and his clinic’s treatment record is well beyond national averages. Visit his website and Facebook to learn more about his practice, and call (410) 730-1000 to schedule an appointment.

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