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Top 3 Reasons to Mulch Your Garden March 13, 2017

North Corbin, Laurel
Top 3 Reasons to Mulch Your Garden, North Corbin, Kentucky

The secret to a healthy, beautiful garden is mulch. Whether you choose dyed hardwood, mason sand, brown river rock, or any other type of mulch, the team at Surplus Sales says this natural material will benefit your plants in countless ways.

Top 3 Reasons to Mulch Your Garden

1. Reduce Need to Water

mulchWatering your garden is a time-consuming task, especially when you’ve got errands to run and other chores demanding your attention. Adding mulch to your garden will help the soil retain moisture. Not only does this reduce the need for watering, but it will also protect your plants during the hot summer months.

2. Improve Soil Quality

Rainwater runoff flushes nutrients right out of the ground, thus stifling your plants’ health and growth. Mulch naturally reintroduces nutrients and vitamins to the soil over time. You may find you don’t need to spend quite as much on fertilizer after mulching your garden.

3. Welcome Helpful Organisms

Experienced gardeners know the importance of biodiversity in a garden, which includes helpful organisms like earthworms. Mulch creates a warm, moist environment that attracts beneficial creatures. The increased biological activity will help your garden thrive.

For mulch as aesthetically pleasing as it is beneficial to gardens, look no further than Surplus Sales. Visit their website to see what types of mulch they have available. To learn more about the landscaping materials the Kentucky company offers, call their Corbin location at (606) 523-9730 or their Paducah store at (270) 443-4590.

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