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3 Qualities to Look for in a Dog Grooming Facility March 9, 2017

Washington Heights, Manhattan
3 Qualities to Look for in a Dog Grooming Facility, Manhattan, New York

When your dog needs a bath, haircut, and nail trim, you want a groomer who helps them look and feel their best. The professionals at Pet Fashion & Grooming, an animal clinic and dog grooming facility in New York City, understand the challenges pet owners face when searching for the perfect groomer and have some advice to make your search process a little easier.

Here are three things to look for in a dog grooming facility:

  • Education & Experience: To work in a reputable shop, a dog groomer needs plenty of experience — perhaps even training at a grooming school. They should also be able to answer some simple but important questions. How often should a dog have a bath? Why is trimming a dog’s nails necessary? Find a grooming facility with a staff prepared to give expert advice about dog care and shedding.dog grooming
  • Medical Training: A good groomer needs some medical training and knowledge on how your dog’s breed, age, activity level, and general health fit into the dog grooming process. Different breeds have distinct temperaments and health issues, and the groomer should be aware of each.
  • Bedside Manner: Dog grooming is easier for both parties if your pet is relaxed and happy. Bedside manner is important, and a good groomer knows how to soothe a dog’s anxiety, making your pet feel safe and comfortable.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect groomer, pet supplies, or a doggy day care, Pet Fashion & Grooming is New York’s one-stop shop. The team knows your dog is special and handles your furry friend with the utmost care and attention. To chat with a friendly staff member and make an appointment, call (347) 726-9409. For more information on their dog grooming services, visit their website.

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