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Truck Repair Pros Share 3 Signs it's Time for an Engine Overhaul March 8, 2017

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Truck Repair Pros Share 3 Signs it's Time for an Engine Overhaul, Rock Springs North, Wyoming

A semitruck is a lot like other automotive vehicles—you must stay on top of basic upkeep practices and work with dedicated truck repair experts to prolong its lifespan. At Aaron’s Semi Repair in Rock Springs, WY, their trusted technicians urge customers to learn when their vehicles need an engine overhaul. Spotting and addressing this problem early is essential to keeping your truck in top condition. If you notice any of the following warning signs, schedule professional service immediately.

Truck Repair Experts Share 3 Signs of an Engine Issue

1. Burning Smells

truck repairIf you detect a burning smell while out on the open road, it’s crucial to bring your vehicle in for truck repair service as soon as you can. This odor may emanate from a hole in the engine system, which allows oil to leak out. 

2. Banging Sounds

Loud, clanging noises can signify a number of potential truck problems. More often than not, they indicate a loose or damaged engine component. Driving a vehicle in this condition is unsafe, and if you ignore the problem, it could result in even more expensive issues down the line.

3. High Mileage

While some engines run well even after propelling your car for thousands of miles, have a truck repair specialist perform an inspection after your vehicle has accumulated 750,000–800,000 miles. Even if it appears to be in good shape, you want someone to confirm your vehicle’s internal health so you can enjoy peace of mind on the road.

If you live in the Rock Springs, WY, area and want to know if your engine is still in good condition, get in touch with Aaron’s Semi Repair today. Contact them online to learn more about scheduling service, or call (307) 362-3148 to speak with a friendly truck repair professional about your needs.

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