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Dexter Internet Provider Shares a Guide to Internet Speeds March 16, 2017

Dexter, Stoddard
Dexter Internet Provider Shares a Guide to Internet Speeds, Dexter, Missouri

In order to choose the right internet speed for your home or office, Advanced Communications & Technology in Dexter, MO, recommends researching the language used by internet providers to distinguish between your options. By understanding that connection speed is measured in megabits per second (Mb or Mbps), for example, you’ll be able to determine how many bits of data users download and upload, and then select the appropriate speed to avoid delays and network problems.

Which Internet Speed Is Right for You?

1. Standard Web Browsing

If all you intend on doing with your internet connection is daily browsing and emailing, then you’re safe with the slowest speed available — 1-4 Mbps. You’ll be able to send messages, check your email, use search engines, and interact on social media. However, you can expect a delay when buffering media content, as well as long download times for files.

2. Internet Gaming & Netflix

internet providerWhile you can get away with streaming videos and playing games with a download speed of 10-15 Mbps, you’ll thank yourself later for investing in somewhere between 15 and 50 Mbps. This is because watching videos and engaging in multiplayer internet games takes a lot of data, so you’ll need a strong, fast internet connection to stay linked up.

3. Network With Many Devices

If you want today’s top contender for high-speed internet, plan on paying for at least 50 Mbps. Your internet provider will allow you to conduct video conferencing, operate commercial applications, and collect data in real-time, among other tasks. This is the ideal speed for commercial settings.

Understanding the meaning of different internet connection speeds will guarantee that your residential or commercial property is equipped with the ideal speed for daily usage. To learn more about the packages available through Advanced Communications & Technology, call (573) 722-7200 or visit them online. You can also connect with the internet providers on Facebook.