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Jackson Divorce Attorney Shares 5 Steps for Leaving an Abusive Relationship March 8, 2017

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Jackson Divorce Attorney Shares 5 Steps for Leaving an Abusive Relationship, Jackson, California

Domestic relations are complicated, and abuse comes in all different forms. If you’ve been the victim of abuse and you want to leave your marriage, Robert G. Moore, Attorney at Law in Jackson, CA, will help. A divorce attorney with more than four decades of experience, Robert G. Moore always puts his clients first. Below, he shares the steps for leaving an abusive relationship safely.

5 Steps for Leaving an Abusive Relationship

divorce attorney1. Acknowledge the Situation

It’s natural to minimize or even ignore abuse, but at some point you have to address it. The first step to leaving an abusive partner is acknowledging the existence of abuse in the first place.

2. Consider Your Options

Do you have friends or family in the area who can take you in? Do you have access to funds from a bank account that you do not share with your partner? If you don’t have either of these, there are programs in the state of California that can help.

3. Cover Your Tracks

When you research local programs, make sure you use a safe computer. If your partner has access to it, check for a key logger first, and clear your browser history when you are done.

4. Look Inward

If this is your first abusive relationship, you may have just found yourself in a bad situation. However, look inward if you notice a pattern and determine why you often take part in dysfunctional relationships.

5. Turn to Professionals

If you are leaving a spouse, you will need a divorce attorney. You should also consider talking to a therapist about any underlying issues that might have contributed to the dysfunction in your relationship.

If you are planning on leaving an abusive spouse, turn to Robert G. Moore, Attorney at Law in Jackson, CA. Visit his website to learn more about his experience in family law, and call (209) 257-1728 to schedule an initial consultation with a divorce attorney today.

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