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How to Solve 3 Common Semi-Truck Engine Issues March 15, 2017

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How to Solve 3 Common Semi-Truck Engine Issues , Rock Springs North, Wyoming

Engine trouble is one of the most common issues truck drivers face while on the road. Many repairs, especially on newer diesel engines, require the expertise and equipment of a professional truck repair shop. However, there are some issues you can fix on your own. Here, the team at Aaron’s Semi Repair in Rock Springs, WY, offers advice on how to address three common engine problems. 

Troubleshooting 3 Common Engine Issues 

1. Engine Overheating 

Truck-Repair-Rock-Springs-WYIf your engine seems to be overheating, first do a visual inspection. Check the airflow to the radiator and make sure it isn’t blocked by bugs, snow and ice, or debris. Next, ensure the brakes and tires aren’t dragging, and that all axles are rolling properly.

The outdoor temperature can also cause overheating. If it’s sweltering, you may need to gear down. When driving on steep gradients in hot weather, you’ll need to turn off the air conditioning. It may not be comfortable, but it will help keep the engine cool. 

2. Engine Won’t Start 

If your engine won’t start, first check the fuel supply and see if there is any contamination. Replace the fuel filters and inspect the fuel lines and fuel pump. Next, take a look at the batteries to ensure they’re properly connected to the starter. Also, check the starter motor for signs of damage. If the issue persists, have a truck repair specialist check the electronic control module and injectors. 

3. Engine Smoking

A smoking engine often indicates a bigger problem under the hood. White smoke can signal a problem with the engine timing. It may also mean weak engine compression. Black smoke can indicate worn or damaged injectors, dirty air filters, or an issue with the cylinder head. Blue smoke may point to worn valves, piston rings, or cylinders. 

For professional truck repair in the Sweetwater, WY, area, call the experts at Aaron’s Semi Repair. They offer a comprehensive menu of semi-truck and trailer repair services and are equipped to provide roadside assistance. Call (307) 362-3148 to speak with a team member or visit their website for more information. 

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