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What Is Elder Law? Wisconsin Attorney Explains March 9, 2017

Wisconsin Rapids, Wood
What Is Elder Law? Wisconsin Attorney Explains, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

As you age, your legal needs and responsibilities change. Elder law is designed to protect and aid you in certain areas, and the attorney at the Alan A. Panek Law Office, S.C. is the one to turn to for guidance. He has helped residents of not only Wisconsin Rapids, but all of Wood County and Adams County – including the Town of Rome- Wisconsin, with every aspect of elder law, and can provide the care and service you need to handle your estate and personal affairs. Attorney Panek is specially trained in this area. He is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, and a director of the Wisconsin chapter of that group. He is also a member of the Wisconsin State Bar Elder Law section and the Probate, Trust, and Estate Planning section.

elder-law-alan-a-panek-law-officeState and federal legislation and regulations related to senior rights are often complicated. The slightest misstep can be a determining factor as to whether or not you get full Medicaid or Medicare benefits, how your will is processed, or who cares for you should you become incapacitated or homebound. This is where a trusted legal adviser versed and experienced in elder law can help. When legal support is needed for receiving medical and other benefits, elder law attorneys don’t merely fill out an application, as a social worker might, they help you plan and arrange your assets in order to qualify sooner and protect your remaining assets.  Their goal is to ensure you get what you’ve earned and having representation can make a huge difference in your success.

Elder law also handles more complicated matters such as wills, estate planning, and guardianship. Deciding what will be passed down to whom, who will care for your financial matters and property should you be deemed unable can all become extremely confusing things if one mistake is made in the documentation. Elder law attorneys help create and establish these care and legacy plans, representing you and your loved ones’ best interest while also complying with regulations and mandates of your state government.

Whether you’re looking for support or are ready to begin planning your future, the elder law attorney at the Alan A. Panek Law Office, S.C. can help you through the process. He will provide the compassion and dedication you deserve and will always fight for your best interest. Give him a call today at (715) 421-4900 to set up a consultation, and visit his website to learn more about his services.

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