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5 Signs Your Swimming Pool Needs Repair March 7, 2017

Gulf Shores, Baldwin
5 Signs Your Swimming Pool Needs Repair , Gulf Shores, Alabama

With the right pool maintenance plan, your swimming pool could last decades. But when you notice any potential problems, it’s important to seek repair fast. While today’s pools offer incredible durability and versatility, Riviera Pools of Gulf Shores, AL, says small issues can turn into costly damage if they aren’t fixed as soon as possible.

If you’re checking your swimming pool before the summer, these are a few signs you may want to invest in repairs sooner than later.

5 Problems That Could Indicate a Need for Swimming Pool Repair

1. Leaks

If you notice that you have to refill your swimming pool more than usual, you could be facing a leak in the walls or inside the plumbing. Either way, you could wind up spending more on water and chemicals. If the leak continues to grow, the problem could get even worse. Call a swimming pool specialist to inspect for, and repair, leaks.

swimming pool2. Pump Problems

Without a properly-functioning pool pump, water can become dirty incredibly fast. If the pool pump isn’t working at all, it may need to be replaced. However, a pool technician can find out if a new motor shaft, O-ring seal, or impeller will fix the problem.

3. Damaged Pool Liner

On average, pool liners need to be replaced about every 8-12 years. If you find that your liner is cracking, it could be time to have a professional install a new one. Other signs that your pool liner is on its way out include fading, stains, and wrinkles.

4. Cracks in Concrete Pools

Like concrete driveways and sidewalks, concrete pools can develop cracks over time that can lead to a wide range of problems in your pool. While small cracks can sometimes be sealed, expansive problems may require professional resurfacing.

5.  Frequent Filter Cleaning

Pool filters are a necessary component to keeping the water clean. If you find that your water quality isn’t up to standard or that you have to clean the pool filter more than once a month, you may need repairs. Call a specialist as soon as possible to find out how to get your pool filter cleaned.

If you notice any of these problems with your swimming pool, Riviera Pools offers expert assistance to protect your investment. To schedule complete pool maintenance or repairs in Gulf Shores, AL, call this trusted team today at (251) 968-3290. For more information on their services, visit the website

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