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4 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Upcoming Family Portrait March 7, 2017

West New York, Hudson County
4 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Upcoming Family Portrait, West New York, New Jersey

If you’ve had family portraits taken in the past, you know that the larger your family grows, the more difficult the process of preserving your memories can become. However, at Diego Molina Photography in West New York, NJ, they believe this challenge can be lessened when everyone prepares for the shoot beforehand.

Here are a few tips you can employ before your family portrait to make the shoot a lot less stressful for you and the photographer:

  • family portraitsPlan Outfit Choices Ahead of Time: If you wait to choose your attire until the day your family portrait is taken, you are going to be stressed out all day. After your shoot is scheduled, start picking out coordinating outfits (not identical) for each family member. It is best to stick to pieces that are comfortable with flowing fabrics in soft pastels or soft creams.
  • Get Plenty of Rest: Everyone should get a good night’s sleep before their family portrait is scheduled to ensure their skin looks its best. Also, if you have infants or young children, be sure to avoid scheduling your photo shoot during their typical nap times to prevent moodiness.
  • Eat Before Showing Up: Sleep is not the only factor that can create cranky families; empty stomachs can also play a large part. If you are planning to eat after the shoot is over, at least plan to bring a healthy snack beforehand to keep everyone’s moods upbeat.
  • Schedule the Day Accordingly: When families are rushed to their shoot, it creates disorganization, and this disarray can often appear in the finished photos. Schedule out your day by planning when everyone should be out of bed, bathed, and dressed. Many photographers also recommend hiring a professional for hair and makeup. This will help make family members feel more confident and help to keep stress levels down throughout the day.

When you want your family portrait to go off without a hitch, having the right professional photographer is a must. For those in the New York City and northern New Jersey area, that photographer is Diego Molina. Schedule a portrait photography shoot with Diego Molina Photography today by calling (201) 838-1687. To see his work, stop by his website or Facebook page to check out his portfolio.