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4 Steps to Take Once You Spot Bed Bugs in Your Home March 7, 2017

Russellville, Pope
4 Steps to Take Once You Spot Bed Bugs in Your Home, Russellville, Arkansas

If you wake up in the morning and notice painful, red, itchy marks on your skin, you might have bed bugs. These small pests are renowned for their hitchhiking abilities and can easily spread from one location to another.

The residential pest removal experts at Delta Pest Control in Russellville, AR, have four steps they recommend you take once you spot bed bugs in your home.

What You Should Do When You Notice Bed Bugs

Call a Professional Exterminator

Bed bugs are small in size and able to hide in tight nooks and crannies, making them nearly impossible to get rid of without the help of a professional exterminator. There are not many commercial pesticides available to consumers that can fully eliminate these pests, and their use might result in the bed bugs being spread to more remote areas of the home, thus making the problem worse.

Spot Check for Quick Removals

If you see a bed bug, make sure to remove it as quickly as possible. You can use a rag to crush the pest, though this might stain delicate surfaces. Another method includes using a bag vacuum to suck up any bugs you see.

Clean Your Home to Minimize Hiding Spotsbed bug removal

Reduce the availability of additional bed bug hiding spots by cleaning up the clutter in your home. Don’t forget to clean under your bed as well—the mattress tends to be ground zero for bed bugs, and having items right under the mattress gives them a place to hide from chemicals.

Don’t Try Sleeping in a New Room

It’s understandable to want to begin sleeping in another room once you know you have bed bugs. However, this is a sure way to increase the likelihood of the infestation spreading through your home. Bed bugs are hardwired to seek out potential hosts—moving to a different room will only encourage them to follow you in order to keep feeding.

If you are having a bed bug issue, call Delta Pest Control, Arkansas’s largest family-owned pest removal company. Their team of exterminators go through rigorous training to be your best line of defense against bed bugs and other household pests, offering termite services, rodent control, and more. Learn more about their bed bug and residential pest control services online or call (479) 968-8068 to schedule an appointment and get your free quote.