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St. Louis Arborist Explains What to Do About Trees With Diseased Wood March 7, 2017

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St. Louis Arborist Explains What to Do About Trees With Diseased Wood , Snow Hill, Missouri

Trees are vital to maintaining a healthy ecosystem. If one is sick, the disease could wreak havoc on not only the tree but the surrounding landscape. It’s important to act quickly when you notice signs of disease or a pest infestation in a tree on your property, but treatment is no easy task. You’ll need the expertise of an experienced arborist. K V Tree Service in Troy, MO, provides expert service throughout the St. Louis area and will explain the dangers of diseased wood and remedies for the problem. 

Diseases can manifest in a tree in many forms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Insect infestations are similar to a disease, beginning in one part of a tree and spreading throughout the plant. 

Arborist St. Louis MOA tree usually won’t recover from a disease or infestation on its own, and maladies can spread quickly. By the time the issue is noticeable, it often is too late to save the tree. However, a certified arborist can assess the problem and determine if the infestation or disease is restricted to one part of the tree. If it is, they can cut out the affected portion to prevent the problem from spreading. If the issue has expanded throughout the plant, you might need to consider tree removal. 

Unlike dead or damaged wood, diseased and infested wood contains living organisms such as insect eggs, fungi spores, and bacteria that can spread to healthy portions of the tree even after you’ve cut away the damaged parts. In some cases, they even can be transferred to nearby plants, so it’s essential to remove trees deemed by an arborist to be unsalvageable. Once a tree service professional has removed the affected portions or cut down the tree, it’s also important to burn the affected wood or remove it from the premises. 

If you think you have a diseased or infested tree on your property, call a certified arborist to examine it. They’ll help you chart a course of action to preserve the tree or remove it to protect the rest of your landscaping. For comprehensive tree care in the greater St. Louis area, call K V Tree Service at (314) 725-7677 to schedule an appointment. Visit their website for more information about their services, including tree removal and stump grinding.