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3 Ways the Best Summer Camps Prepare Your Child for Adulthood March 7, 2017

Bradford, Orange
3 Ways the Best Summer Camps Prepare Your Child for Adulthood, Bradford, Vermont

For kids, there is nothing better than overnight camp. The best summer camps mean s’mores, swimming, and sleeping under the stars. Outdoor camp is more than fun and games. The best summer camps also prepare your child for adulthood. Roaring Brook Camp for Boys in Bradford, VT, offers a variety of activities that teach young boys how to be healthy and happy adults. Your son will do some cannon balls and sing songs around the campfire, but he’ll also learn to rely on and challenge himself.

How the Best Summer Camps Prepare Kids for Adulthood

1. Practicing Teamwork

best summer campsSetting up a tent by yourself is no easy task. At outdoor camp, kids learn it’s better to work as a team than always trying to do everything on their own. Without their fellow campers, they couldn’t pitch a tent or raft down the river.

2. Teaching Resourcefulness

Nothing instills confidence in child like learning how to create something out of nothing. For kids who have never had to use a map or cook a meal, navigating their way through the woods using a compass or cooking breakfast over an open flame helps them develop a sense of independence and capability.

3. Building Self-Reliance

For many children, overnight camp is the first time they’re away from their home and their parents. It can be scary at first, but gradually, they learn they can get by on their own. This self-efficacy encourages kids to become better problem-solvers, take more responsibility for their actions, and start to grow up.

At adventure camp, kids will still be kids, but they’ll also learn skills that help them grow into productive adults. To learn more about the sessions offered at the summer camp in Bradford, VT, visit the Roaring Brook Camp for Boys website or call the camp directors at (800) 832-4295.

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