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3 Warning Signs of a Premature V Belt Failure March 7, 2017

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3 Warning Signs of a Premature V Belt Failure, Bemidji, Minnesota

As one of today’s most popular belt mechanisms, the V belt has developed a reputation for being a reliable component that’s easily installed and requires little maintenance. Industrial Component Sales in Bemidji, MN, carries a wide range of today’s best V belts for every industry; they know that it isn’t always easy to tell when your belt is having problems, so they’ve compiled some tips for you.

Here are three clear signs your machine is headed for a premature V belt failure:

  • Visible Smoke: One of the most obvious signs your belt is in dire need of maintenance is when it creates smoke while in operation. A squealing, cracked or smoking V belt indicates there’s an issue with the tension of the belt and it’s either slipping due to wear or has a worn sheave. In order to avoid this, it’s important your belt remains at the proper tension at all times.  Industrial Component Sales, Inc. Repesentatives for Bestorq Belts in Lincoln, NE  can help you determine the correct amount to tension your V-belt
  • v beltImproper Belt/Sheave Placement: The belt and sheave must be properly aligned and tensioned to eliminate misalignment which destroys belt life.  When done properly however, your belt should be significant.  If misalignment or improper tension is present due to usage or improper installation the belt can shift or slip creating squealing, cracking or even smoking. A belt  seating too high or too low in the sheave indicates there could be a problem.
  • Belt Tension: Like most machines, your V belt’s components need to be properly aligned, tensioned and cleaned in order for it to function at peak performance levels. The tension of your V belt should not be too tight or too loose, (a general of thumb for Bestorq Belts are 1/64 per “1” of Belt span.  if your belt span is “32”, your tension should be 32/64 or ½ inch).  To make sure the belts on your equipment are in proper working order, perform regular monthly maintenance repair and contact Industrial Component Sales, Inc. to discuss your belt and equipment maintenance programs for ideas and problem solvers.

Industrial Component Sales is the area’s Manufactures Representatives,  for industrial and motion control products, so contact them today at (651) 270-0151 to learn more about their services. They also represent Sheaves, Bushings and Couplings, as well as many other industrial power transmission products.  Visit them online today at

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