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5 Reasons to Work With a Business Lawyer March 7, 2017

West Plains, Howell
5 Reasons to Work With a Business Lawyer, West Plains, Missouri

If you are starting or already operate a business, a lawyer is an indispensable asset. Business law is extensive and often complicated, with rules and provisions you may not even know you're subject to. Good legal advice can be the difference between success and hopeless legal entanglements. The Law Office of Jacob Y. Garrett, LLC offers representation and guidance to businesses and business owners throughout the West Plains, MO, area. Here are five of the most common ways a business lawyer can help you.

Business Lawyers' Services

1. Contracts

lawyerAlmost every business will need at least a few contracts written or examined, whether during the process of acquiring real estate or for the purpose of hiring employees or engaging clients and vendors.

2. Paperwork & Permits

Many industries require licenses and permits or registration with a government body. An experienced lawyer can help you ensure you're in compliance with all local regulations.

3. Business Organization

Should your business be a sole proprietorship, LLC, partnership, or corporation? Each comes with different regulations and protections. You may also need to put some thought into the business's charter and bylaws, in case Missouri's default regulations don't suit your needs.

4. Tax Advice

If you don't properly file all the taxes associated with your business, you'll be subject to a wide range of penalties. Filing for a business and its employees can be much more difficult than filing for an individual and works differently depending on the legal form of your business, so a lawyer's help may be essential.

5. Liability Protection

Some forms of business risk all the owner's assets if a liability issue comes up; others offer protection, but only under the right circumstances. A business lawyer can help you understand and limit your personal liability due to your business.

Every business needs a lawyer at some point. If you're starting a business or have run into any legal problems, call The Law Office of Jacob Y. Garrett, LLC at (417) 255-2222, or learn more about his practice areas online.

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