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Guide to Senior Care Programs, Products, and Facilities March 6, 2017

Onamia, Mille Lacs
Guide to Senior Care Programs, Products, and Facilities , Onamia, Minnesota

If you are taking care of elderly loved ones, you might need additional help to manage their needs. With a little bit of research online, you can find a wide range of programs, products, and facilities that will improve your seniors’ quality of life.

When residents in Onamia, MN, need safe, compassionate services for seniors, they visit Mille Lacs Health System. The facility provides patients 55 and older with access to assisted living, long term care, and rehabilitation. There is even an in-patient geriatric psychiatry unit. The Senior Care Unit  can help those dealing with medication issues or behavior issues.

Aside from services at Mille Lacs Health System, other needs for seniors are often available in their communities.

Senior Care: Basic Information You Need To Know 

At-Home Care vs. Facility Options

senior-careIf your senior needs constant supervision, round-the-clock care could be the best option. Seniors with poor eyesight or minor mobility issues could benefit from in-home care. But for more extensive help, assisted care and nursing home facilities are available. Similar to living in an apartment complex, nutritionists, physical therapists, nurses, and doctors are available onsite to address residents’ needs.

Useful Products

There are senior care products specifically designed to help individuals with mental or physical impairments. If your loved one has a hard time getting around, wheelchairs, lifts, and ramps can make routine tasks less difficult. Bathroom items such as elevated toilet seats, shower benches, and grab bars limit the risk of falls and injuries. Kitchen appliances like jar openers and easy-grip utensils can help arthritis sufferers prepare meals with minimal discomfort. The professionals in the Rehabilitation Department and Mille Lacs Health System can offer some good suggestions.

Government Assistance

Government assistance programs like Medicare and Social Security are available to elderly individuals. These programs help cover insurance costs, pay for prescriptions, and supplement income. 

Visit the health system online to explore the ways they can help your aging loved one live a better life. Like them on Facebook for updated news and announcements. 

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