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How Men Can Be Supportive in an Unplanned Pregnancy March 7, 2017

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How Men Can Be Supportive in an Unplanned Pregnancy , Zanesville, Ohio

Whether married or unmarried, finding out you are going to have a baby through an unplanned pregnancy can be surprising, exciting, and potentially scary. Women, of course, want their significant other to be supportive, hoping to get through an unexpected pregnancy together. 

We at Heartbeats in Zanesville, OH, help couples weigh out their pregnancy options to decide the best avenue to go down. Through judgement-free conversations during their most challenging time together, we can help point you in the right direction. We even provide support for men hoping to show support for their significant other during their exciting time.

What Men Can Do in an Unplanned Pregnancy

1. Show Support

First, husbands or boyfriends should always be supportive and never pressure their significant other into making a decision based solely on their own wants and needs. All couples should discuss other options such as adoption and abortion and make a clear-headed decision together. Your show of support toward your wife or girlfriend will mean the world to them. 

2. Communicate & Listen

Unplanned pregnancyUnplanned pregnancies are not as scary as most couples think when they communicate with each other. It’s important to know that each of your concerns are being listened to. In communicating and listening, both parties are able to keep a level head and think clearly through the situation. 

3. Don’t Leave

Boyfriends and husbands need to stand strong with their girlfriends and wives during the entire unplanned pregnancy. Many women fear going through the pregnancy alone; instead, men need to become a pillar of strength for their significant other and let their girlfriend and wife know that they’re going through things together. 

If your wife or girlfriend is going through an unplanned pregnancy, these steps will help make things a little easier on both of you. Unplanned pregnancies should unite you as a couple as you decide on the best possible options for the pregnancy.

When facing an unplanned pregnancy, seeking guidance and services from our caring professionals here at Heartbeats will also be of tremendous help. For more information or to speak to one of our experienced counselors, please call (740) 450-5437, or visit our website for more options. 

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