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Should You Choose a Storage Container or Storage Trailers? March 8, 2017

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Should You Choose a Storage Container or Storage Trailers?, High Point, North Carolina

Whether you need temporary storage as you undergo a building relocation or a heavy-duty transportation option for valuable products, it can sometimes be confusing as you try to choose between storage trailers or a storage container. The team at A&M Crane and Rigging in High Point, NC, understands that what you should choose will vary depending on your unique situation.

Here are some tips to help you choose between a storage container and a storage trailer:

  • Loading: While storage containers are left at ground level, storage trailers remain firmly in place on the back of their trailer. This makes a storage container a good fit whenimage you need ground-level access to your container’s contents. On the other hand, a storage trailer’s height makes it perfect for companies that use a loading dock to transfer items in and out of storage.
  • Transportation and Storage: Storage containers provide an excellent solution when you have limited space due to their stackable nature. A crane can help you place these containers in secure stacks that allow you to store more with less space. However, because a storage trailer has wheels, it is much easier to transport from place to place. While a storage container may be better for a fixed-location solution, a trailer is better suited for frequent transport.
  • Maintenance: The average storage container requires almost no maintenance. While facility owners should watch out for pooling water that could eventually cause rust, there isn’t much else that needs to be done to keep these units in good shape. Storage trailers, on the other hand, need maintenance similar to other vehicles to continue serving as a safe mode of transportation. 

Whether you need a storage container or storage trailers for your facility, the team at A&M Crane and Rigging can help you find a solution that works. Visit them online or call (336) 889-6000 to learn more about what these crane service experts have to offer.

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