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Real Estate Consultants Vs. Agents & Brokers: What's the Difference? March 7, 2017

Washington Heights, Manhattan
Real Estate Consultants Vs. Agents & Brokers: What's the Difference?, Manhattan, New York

If you're interesting in buying or selling a home, the expertise of a real estate agent may be indispensable for achieving you goals. However, anyone planning on initiating real estate investments or a building project may require the more specialized skills of an experienced real estate consultant. While these two professionals may occasionally provide overlapping services, they play very different roles in varying situations.

Real Estate Agents

These licensed professionals often help sellers market real estate, locate properties for prospective buyers, and represent the interests of their clients through transactions, which can be quite complex. Drawing upon an in-depth familiarity with their local market, real estate agents will help establish selling prices, evaluate offers, and coordinate with the various professionals a real estate transaction often requires. Most agents earn a three to four percent commission on sales activity, which is usually the only income they generate.

Real Estate Consultants

real estate consultantCompared to the standard services offered by most real estate agents, consultants generally provide a more flexible range of options, designed to provide their clients with in-depth information to ensure the success of their projects. For instance, a residential developer may hire a real estate consultant to examine the profit potential of building a condominium complex in a particular area, or to locate viable opportunities for groups of investors. Any project with wider objectives than the simple transfer of real property could likely benefit from the experience and resources of a reputable real estate consultant.

With a wide-ranging set of specialized services that go far beyond those offered by traditional brokers, The Tocco Group has the capacity to ensure the success of any real estate project. Drawing upon their in-depth understanding of New York City's diverse neighborhoods, their team helps find the ideal property, identify investment opportunities, and provide the information developers need. Visit their website to see a full list of their comprehensive services or call (212) 544-2995 to speak with a real estate consultant today.

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