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Vees Cafe in Boyle Heights is frequented by locals and visitors alike for their delicious omelettes, paninis, and more. They also have awesome handcrafted teas and coffee.

Organic Coffee Grinding: 4 Essential Tips for the Perfect Blend March 3, 2017

Boyle Heights, Los Angeles
Organic Coffee Grinding: 4 Essential Tips for the Perfect Blend, Los Angeles, California

Coffee connoisseurs around the world agree that the key to attaining the perfect blend lies in following the right bean-grinding techniques. According to the pros at Vees Cafe, even the smallest differences between ground organic coffee granules can lend a distinct flavor to your cup of joe.

For nearly a decade, this Los Angeles, CA, eatery has served up a variety of healthy restaurant items to food lovers around the area. Here, their in-house culinary experts share a few grinding tips to attain the coffee flavors you love.

4 Organic Coffee Grinding Tips

1. Grind Beans When You Need Them

One common mistake people make is to grind their coffee beans ahead of time. While this may help when you’re running late for work, the resulting flavor will leave much to be desired. That’s why experienced organic coffee shops recommend using only freshly ground beans if you want to enjoy the best aroma and taste.

2. Use Precise Measurements

Organic CoffeeEyeballing ingredients can work in other cooking departments, but not when you’re trying to attain the right coffee consistency. Relying on accurate measurements will ensure that you’re using the right coffee-to-water ratio. It also prevents wastage of your prized coffee beans, so you can savor their amazing taste for a long time to come.

3. Know Your Grinder Types

Your quest for a delicious coffee blend also depends on your knowledge of different grinder types. The most popular coffee grinding equipment designs are burr and blade grinders. Los Angeles’ favorite breakfast restaurant highly recommends investing in a burr grinder to get flavors that are close to a professional coffee establishment.

4. Learn About Different Granule Shapes

Developing a deep understanding of organic coffee granules and their impact on the brewing process will determine your grinding times. Typically, finely pulverized beans serve well in espresso machines and domestic coffeemakers, while coarse granules are ideally suited for percolators and French Press machines.

If all of this seems like a lot of information to remember, all you need is a trip to Vees Cafe. Find out about their incredible organic coffee and healthy restaurant menu selection by calling (323) 931-8337, or visit their website. Keep an eye on their latest breakfast, lunch, and dinner offerings by following the restaurant’s Facebook page.

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