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Wister Pros Explains 3 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair March 3, 2017

Wister, Le Flore
Wister Pros Explains 3 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair, Wister, Oklahoma

Temperatures in the southern United States can reach indecent highs for months on end, which makes your air conditioner an indispensable tool, not a luxury. Turnipseed Service, the premier HVAC system contractors in Wister, OK, explain how to tell if you need air conditioning repair so you can head off problems before you lose your cooling system entirely. For more than 30 years, they have been helping residents of LeFlore County keep comfortable, all year round.

3 Important Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair

1. Pooling Water, Leaking Liquid, Or Ice

Air conditioning repairIf you notice water pooling around your air conditioner unit, it could mean the condensation drain tube is clogged, while ice or frost on the unit could be a sign of serious problems. If you notice orange, light blue, or rose-colored liquid dripping from the unit, you have a refrigerant leak and should schedule air conditioning repair immediately.

2. Airflow Is Weak or Not Cold

If the air coming from your HVAC system is less forceful or cold than normal, make sure the vents are clear and the thermostat is set properly. If these are not the issue, your air conditioner unit may be starting to fail. Weak airflow could mean the compressor is going bad, while air that is barely cool could mean you have a refrigerant leak.

3. Unusual Noises

When it is operating properly, your air conditioner should run quietly and make only a low humming. If you hear alarming noises coming from your air conditioning unit—such as squealing, scraping, or rattling sounds—it probably means one or more parts have come loose and are rubbing against things they shouldn't. Schedule immediate air conditioning repair to prevent further problems from developing.

Turnipseed Service, the leading HVAC system contractors in Wister, OK, offer fast, reliable service and affordable air conditioner installation if repairs are impractical. Visit their website for contact information, or call (918) 655-7477 to discuss your needs with a friendly, experienced air conditioner repair professional.

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