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Fight Empty Nest Syndrome with a Visit to the Best Wine Store in New York October 15, 2014

Kips Bay, Manhattan
Fight Empty Nest Syndrome with a Visit to the Best Wine Store in New York, Manhattan, New York

For some parents, this is the time of year when empty nest syndrome strikes. Fortunately, a visit to the best wine store in New York can cure those blues faster than you can say “Dr. Phil.”

Maybe your youngest child has left for school or all your children finally found jobs so they could afford to move out. Put your extra time and space to good use. Wine can make your house and your life feel fuller:

Drink wine instead of doing extra housework: We’re not sure if two can live as cheaply as one, but they are bound to have a lot more dirty laundry. Plus, less foot traffic means less vacuuming and more time to drink wine.

Drink wine to release your creativity: Maybe you want to convert your child’s old room into an art studio for painting or a den for writing. Either way, a leisurely glass of wine will help you relax and bring out your creative side.

Raise a glass to your parenting skills: If you’re feeling down you may forget that your kids got into a great school or found a job where they don’t have to wear a chicken suit. Take satisfaction in nurturing them towards independence.

Share wine with your friends: It’s easier to resist the urge to call your children too often when you’re hanging out with your own friends. Visit a wine bar together or go to a wine tasting.

Wine and dine your spouse: Reconnecting with your spouse may be the greatest joy of all. Pick up a bottle and watch the sunset together with no interruptions.

Wine can be a happy part of your family life whether you live in one house or across seven continents.Contact us for the right selections for daily rituals and special occasions.

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