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7 Reasons to Get Your Wine from Vino's Knowledgeable Staff Instead of Drones October 17, 2014

Kips Bay, Manhattan
7 Reasons to Get Your Wine from Vino's Knowledgeable Staff Instead of Drones, Manhattan, New York

Have you heard about the California luxury hotel where guests can get their champagne delivered by a drone? Before you book a room, consider these 7 reasons why unmanned aerial vehicles are no match for the knowledgeable staff at a fine wine store.

The Casa Madrona hotel in Sausalito has a new waiter. It's a drone that flies up to the terrace of the Alexandria Suite to deliver bottles of champagne. The service is so popular that the hotel plans to start using it for cookies and other items as well.

On the other hand, there are good reasons for sticking with humans:

Save your money: That Alexandria Suite starts at $10,000 a night. Plus, the drone can only carry 2 bottles at a time. We don't want to brag, but our prices are a lot more affordable, and you can get all the bottles you want...and we even have humans to deliver!

Stay safe: Drones tend to bump into stuff. In fact, a drone nearly collided with an airliner in Florida recently.

Protect your privacy: Some people worry that drone style services like Amazon Prime Air might someday give NSA pictures of your living room.

Get wine now: The technology for drone delivery is still in the works. We can deliver today.

Don't worry about lack of coverage: Some areas may opt of drone service. Missouri University has already banned them. We deliver anywhere in the continental U.S.

Fight robots: Maybe we've seen too many Steven King movies with machines running amok. Still, what if the drones got together and kept all the wine and cookies for themselves?

Enjoy the personal touch: Wine is more than something to drink. We share it with others. It touches our emotions. Drones just wouldn't understand.

We may not have any drones, but we have all the wines you love. Contact us to shop our new and expanded selection of fine wine and spirits.